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♪ ♪ ♪ >> jamie: we have fox news alert. there are alarming new allegations in this growing controversy over irs targets of conservative dproups a as more and more religious organizations are claiming they, too, were subjected to intense scrutiny by the taxman. good morning, i'm jamie colby and it is great to have you. kelly, it's great to have you too. >> kelly: i am kelly wright. welcome to news headquarters. they are set to grill a top irs watchdog as a focus and intensity of the investigation ramps up. now, these new complaints from religious groups are getting quite serious attention. elizabeth pranm has who are details on on this. >> reporter: among the claims the irs says conservative groups or patriots in their titles while applying for tax exempt
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status. agency may have paid specific attention to religious organizations. according to religion news service, biblical recorder a baptist news and billy graham organization was targeted back in 2012 and catholic league says it was targeted after the 2008 election. at the time the irs claimed that intervened in the political campaign. the catholics united education fund claims it languished for years before the registration was approved. and chris voices for life says it was delayed in its application for tax exempt status back if 2011. other groups have cited issues and delays with the irs. lawmakers steven miller the retiring and acting irs commissioner. >> this is problem that the irs being too large, too powerful, too inintrusive and too abusive
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of honest, hard working taxpayers. >> he couldn't remember all the names involved he did apologize for the actions of the irs. >> commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the irs for the mistakes we made and the poor service that we employed. affected organizations and american public deserve better. >> reporter: now, kelly, as you mentioned they will have a full house hearing on weed and we expect to hear from the official that first disclosed the agency's targets. >> kelly: thank you elizabeth. >> jamie: what is the next step for the white house? we learned that senior officials at obama administration's treasury department actually knew about the irs targeting as early as june 2012. think back. that was during the last presidential election campaign. bob cusack, good morning.
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i'm good but bob, bob, bob, what we have yet another scandal adding to benghazi and all. you said heads should roll. you want to name names? >> that is what steven miller wasn't that underage names. they planted this question to get this out instead of informing congress. we've had two heads roll steven miller being one of them. that is what the white house needs to do. they need to shakeup the irs and take control of the situation. can you imagine if this had come out right before the election. possibly could have really done the whole thing. >> jamie: i think about what if it hadn't come out, even now? this practice could continue? >> that's right. >> jamie: how far does the chain of command does it go up? >> it could just be contained to the irs. the only reason it came out was
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because the inspector general was looking into it and irs decided why don't we get this out and planted that question about a week ago. as far as how far it goes up, it remains to be seen. it is telling the irs in the response to the i.g. said they gotten pressures from members of congress to look into tea party groups. that will be explored by the senate finance committee and house ways and means committee. >> jamie: the white house has asked staffers at meetings, don't spend any more than 10% of your time on addressing this. what kind of strategy is that? >> i think the white house really fumbled their initial response to the irs scandal. so the end of the this week they picked up the game a bit. they are going to have to be
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relentless. this has to be on the president's desk on a daily basis for the in ex several weeks because congress is going to be looking into this for quite some time. >> jamie: look at all these hearings going on. forget about the costs to the taxpayers, there are other issues on the plate for the president. he is saying i want to focus on jobs, immigration. middle-class will be focus. is he saying that this scandal or even benghazi doesn't impact those americans, as well? >> i think the strategy for the white house is to talk about the bread and butter issues, the economy, trying to get immigration reform done. he needs to get immigration reform done and in the wake of gun control going by the way side. he hasn't put a lot of points on the board since the months since his reelection. these are going to on for quite some time because of the probes.
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instead of saying i'm outraged, we'll have to see follow through by the administration. they will be committed to doing something like that. they know that they've got to be leading here, not always on the defensive as they were early last week. >> jamie: my discussion with you is somewhat academic, coming up next segment we'll have the trust in government. one of the questions i want to ask you, for those sitting at home following this for the first time, maybe they watched the hearings that were so compelling -- they may be asking themselves about the appointment of the person that we now know was in charge of overseeing this exemption scrutiny to a greater degree, to on now be the one to implement sara ingraham, of course. to now see the overimplemented it's of obamacare that many people will be relying on their
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future healthcare. is that a red flag? is eight red herring? what is it? >> it could be a red flag depending on what the investigation turns out to be. what did she know. did she know a lot and not tell congress. was he is in the middle of this. you have to have the trust of the irs as well as hhs as they implement this big, huge landmark law. the obama administration knows that. if she is tainted by this scandle, that is something they are going to have to make a decision if she is going to continue to head this office of implementing the tax provisions of the new law. the bulk is going into effect in a few months. this lab huge issue in the next election. that is something that the republicans and white house will be looking into it. >> jamie: it's interesting that you bring that up. congressional approval polls continue to be down and recent
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gallup poll, 16% approve of congress. do you think benghazi the a.p. hold over until the next congressional election? >> depending on where they go, they are definitely going to be going on for next several months are there going to be more controversies coming up to the six to 18 months. it remains to be seen. but i think obamacare will be a bigger issue than these investigations because we'll see if law is working or whether it is not. that will be the bigger fodder for the election. >> jamie: we know it's the law of the land. bob, great to see you. >> kelly: breaking developments overseas as nuclear armed north korea reportedly launches a missile for the second straight day. the short range missile reportedly falling into the sea off of japan's west coast.
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yesterday, north korea fired three similar weapons into the same area. the latest developments come after nearly daily threats by the north against south korea and the u.s. earlier this year. top republican is demanding more answers on the benghazi terror attacks. chairman darrell issa issuing a subpoena to former ambassador thomas pickering. the ambassador led an independent review of the obama administration and it's a response to that deadly assault that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. joining me now, john bolton a fox news contributor. ambassador, good of you to join us. thomas pickering as you know co-chaired the benghazi accountability review board, better to known as the a.r.b.. he did that with chiefs of staff
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mike mullen. he said he would testify in public. congressman issa wanting more, he wants him behind closed doors. what do you think she looking for to have a behind closed door meeting? >> the real work of investigation is done in private interviewing witnesses, reviewing documents, talking to people who have firsthand knowledge of what happened. then with that preparation in mind being able to hold public hearings that reveal to the american people what actually happened rather than simply being opportunities for members of the congress to give speeches or witnesses to evade the questions. the controversy here is i think congressman issa is doing the right thing by wanting to get tom pickering up to talk to him without the cameras and spotlights being on and find out what really is going on. if one tom is saying he will
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only testify in public, that tells you how willing he is to cooperate with the investigation. >> kelly: let's go back over the a.r.b., it concluded there were systemic failures within the state department and secretary of state hillary clinton issued this order for the a.r.b., talking about failures within management and state department conducted its business. that led to the death of chris stevens and three other americans. the question, should that consulate have been better secured by the u.s. military instead of relying on a libyan militia that we now know cut and run when they came under fire? >> clearly relying on the mishgd was a mistake. the issue -- militia was a mistake but it highlights of any
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a.r.b.. should there have been a consulate in benghazi at all. those are policy questions. that is beyond the remit of the a.r.b.. it's an authorized procedure. it's very focus and very precise and it's principle mandate is finding out responsibility for security lapses in the state department. so, this is a good example. they interviewed people in the military and c.i.a., but their authority and their mandated extends only to the state department. that is why whatever you think of the a.r. b.or whether you think it's inadequate it was very limited very constrained operation constrained in time, as well. it's nothing like a full airing of all the issues and dealing with that september 11th attack. >> kelly: which is why you go behind closed doors. issa is one of several g.o.p. lawmakers have suggested that the obama administration is trying to cover up something, at least the circumstances and
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perhaps the aftermath of the attack. we now know they scrubbed the initial public report leaving any references to al-qaeda or terrorism. why would they do that and what can they do to clear up the confusion over benghazi? >> they can release all the documents that surround all the discussions post benghazi about what the explanation was. i think there are only two explanations for the talking points and beyond that, what the president himself repeatedly said up to and including an address to the united nations assembly where they blamed out the mohammad video. let's open that and be transparent and then we'll have a chance of signing up. it was either a conspiracy or it was a willful, ideological blind to the continuing threat of international terrorism. if there is real openness, we can find out. >> kelly: we are getting closer
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to an answer. congress cummings, ranking democrat, he says republicans are politically motivated in conducting these hearings on benghazi an even president obama is saying there is no there. why should we care about benghazi? >> the deaths on september 11th show that we are vulnerable in the middle east in continuing acts of terrorism. boston marathon shows the same thing in the united states. for the international presence the lessons from benghazi can help us protect not just official americans but private americans all over the world. there is a continuing need, it has nothing to do with politics. it has everything to do with government and that is protecting the lives of its own citizens. that is the highest priority that an congressional investigation can have. >> kelly: that is why the investigation continues and
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we're y we're trying to find out and what caused those systemic failures in the first place. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> jamie: extreme weather alert. monstrous storms is tearing across the heartland. four reported twisters. look at the size of this one. whipping across several counties. storm chasers catching the tornado as it blew out windows and number of buildings. rick riechmuth in the weather center. rick, where it is headed. >> really slowly moving off to the east. same area as yesterday, maybe about 150 miles off to the east. this is what happened with the storm yesterday, pulling off to the east and lots of moisture moving toward the north and parts of north dakota and minnesota. three to five inches of rain. we knew the flooding we saw
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earlier this year in areas of the red river. now you see here, satellite, a brand-new dry line will establish here. that is the battle between the moist, rich air coming in from the gulf and dry air that comes in from the southwest. that is where the lines of storms will fire today. this is future radar, this is model depiction of what the radar will look at. we are clear until we get to 3:00 p.m. local time, you see the cells develop around oklahoma city and east of i-35. that is where the storms develop. if there are individual cells that develop beginning that will likely be tornadic towards kansas city. then we get consolidating a straight line and cause a lot of damage and flooding concerns. it's from parts of minnesota all the way down towards texas but the bull's-eye is the red.
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moderate risk just to the north of kansas city down to the south of oklahoma city and all these storms starting around the 3:00 p.m. time today. tomorrow the storm is already moderate risk going through joplin and then east of kansas city but northern end, threat of severe weather around parts of great lakes. tuesday is still under the exact same storm, parts of the great lakes, it will be wednesday before we are completely done with this storm. >> jamie: keep us posted. thanks so much. >> kelly: good news to talk about. we have a winner -- not me -- from somebody that hit the powerball jackpot. $590 million. we'll tell you where -- wow! >> jamie: whoever that lucky winner is. supporting our troops. we can't do enough. there is one food truck company that is giving our vets a chance to own their very own business.
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♪ ♪ >> kelly: welcome back. this morning someone is whole lot richer in florida. the single winning powerball
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ticket worth $590 million was sold at a publix supermarket in zephyr hills outside of tampa. a spokesperson tells the associated press more details will be released today. winning numbers, 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52 with that powerball of 11. check your tickets. you may have won some of the smaller prizes. >> jamie: fox news sunday getting the white house to go on the record on the latest developments on the irs scandal and when they first knew about the targeting of conservative groups. here is dan fifer and paul ryan. >> all was the beginning -- the inspector general gave the same heads-up including congressman issa.
10:23 am
as congressman issa said why he didn't talk about this publicly, when you are dealing with non-partisan agency like the irs you wait until you have actual facts. >> what we do now know for roughly two years the irs was targeting americans based on upon their political beliefs. what we do know they misled congress. >> jamie: joining me now, anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> jamie: i have to join on something that dan said. he said the irs acting as a non-partisan agency. that is interesting because if these attacks are proven, did they act in a partisan way? >> absolutely, if they are proven and the president has in effect said, he has talked about angry, outraged -- so clearly what the irs was doing was
10:24 am
improper for a non-partisan agency and we hope they applied the tax law fairly. the question i was asking and neither of them could answer -- that is untrue. i will say ryan could not answer but dan did. he says the targeting or the investigation of the targeting until a couple of weeks ago at the white house. now ryan says we don't know. he made an interesting point. he said, we talk about the inspector general reports he said it was audit on the actions they took. it was not an investigation they look at the emails and phone records to see what was going on. that is what the inspector general at irs is doing now. there is a lot of information we don't know about what went on and why the irs went on this effort to target conservative groups, tea party groups, groups
10:25 am
that had patriot or constitution in their name. there is lot to be uncovered and that is why this investigation is going on for a while. >> jamie: it sounds like it is expanding a bit with religious organizations claiming they were targeted. you think we'll ever get the answers we need? is there anything paul ryan the president should do in just calling for those answers? >> i think at this point, ryan wants the justice department to conduct its criminal investigation in what is going on. he makes it very clear that the congress is going to act on its own. congress is going to conduct its investigation. remember, he was a member of the ways and means committee. he was questioning the acting commissioner, steven mill other friday. he said, look, we were asking these questions a year ago is there targeting of right wing groups, you and you didn't tell
10:26 am
us of any of this. miller famously said i answer the questions as asked. >> jamie: i know you asked them a lot about this. you also asked the dan and paul other ones. >> people should watch to see we talk about benghazi and my very intense back and forth with dan on the where was the president on the night of the bndz attack. >> jamie: i bet you got some answers as only you can. >> not as many you would hope for, but you will be able to watch the exchange. >> jamie: for more, you have to tune into fox news sunday. it airs twice, 2:00 and 6:00 eastern on fox. >> and serious new questions over preemptive surgery after
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